Feb 16

LoOnies 4.0: Totally Inappropriate

Checks the last post…  Wow, February 2009? Has it really been that long?

I took off from the game twice before and, each time I came back, I found the guild had morphed into a  new incarnation. This time around was no different. Akin to getting a new job, I came back feeling like there was a learning curve with all the new stuff and new people.  But that’s to be expected. Having me back in game hasn’t exactly been easy on everyone else, either. We had a pattern in those days, and it took a little time for us old timers to remember how it used to be.

ORDK you, too, Pal.

God, this is worse than the time he tried learning how to use the in-game mailbox.

Truth be told, I was having a hard time adjusting to the new zones and new faces. I was out of my element, wondering if this was the same guild I had left? Did we have the same spirit as before? I needed that one constant, unchanging factor to tell me things hadn’t changed.

And there it is.

( <3 you, Luna.)

So we’ve been busy, ripping through instances — or getting ourselves ripped through. We started off on the right foot, defeating the Lich King. Kingslayer titles all around!

Congrats  on a job well done! With the Lich King bested by us, we’re moving on to bigger and badder things in need of conquering.

What? No, I don’t mean bosses. I’m talking about teabagging Cat whenever we get a chance.

And it’s not just Cat we’re doing it to. We’re equal opportunity teabaggers — and some of us have the joy of receiving more than others.

Some may be put off by our closeness. Maybe our sense of togetherness comes off as a strange — but that’s the glue that keeps us together. We aren’t afraid to show our fellow guildies how we feel. It gives us that special je ne sais quoi.

Ah, togetherness. Just remember – business and pleasure don’t mix.

Except that it does.

Now if you find yourself confused, we have a LoO hotline to someone who can straighten you out. May I introduce you to Counselor Kellispel?

Listen to me, people. The sooner you come to grips with it, the sooner you can heal.

What? No, I’m not talking about your heart — I’m talking about your VD’s.

Then why does BJ have so many of them?

That explains it.*

So we’re raiding 10 man again, hanging out on Fridays in the hopes of getting purples.

The raid is posted every week, usually around Tuesday and Wednesday. Sign up on the boards if you want to go.  A lot of the 10 man content is still challenging to us, but we’re getting better every time, working new strats hard and fast.

No, it isn’t. But I’m all about encouraging our raid leaders in the midst of a failboat. Especially when they’re drunk.

And Lifegripping one another into fire.

Get the marshmallows!

If you want to attend the raids, please sign up on the forums. Do not wait until Friday, then log in and ask what’s up. The board will tell you what’s up.  If you feel like you’ve gone too much and you don’t want to come across as a raid-hogger, sign up as an “alternate”. That way someone can have your spot or, if we don’t have enough, you can be easily slotted in. The raid order is usually posted on Fridays so you can check the board to see if you’re on deck to kill some dudes, like this guy:

Officially LoO's new bitch. Kinda.

Now that I’m back, I’ll be updating the front page more often. As a reminder, I’m always looking for others to help keep the site updated, too. If you want to try your hand at it and help keep the front page updated, please let me know. I can be reached on the boards or at the guild email: zugsucks at gmail dot com.  Alternatively, if you have some great screenshots that you’d like to include in the site updates, please send them to me at the guild email.

Have a great week, LoOnies, and I’ll see you Friday.

*Cat means the French Laundry, not French kitchen. I feel obligated to point that out, in case Iraas has a major foodie fit.

Feb 19

Chapter 11 – No Side but the LoO Side

A free falling descent jolted them both wide awake. The air thickened, smothering their faces and squeezing the air out of their lungs. As the heat hit the underside of the bats, the thin sheet of ice that had collected on their thick pelts melted and steamed upward, engulfing their riders in a layer of sweat, dirt and other unrecognizable filth. Zug and Caulbraen buried their faces in their sleeves until the unwanted bath ended.

In synchronized motion, the bats leveled out just long enough to allow a desperate gasp for breath, then dropped to the earth. A few feet above the red, barren ground, the mammals glided in perfect parallel with the rocky terrain. Everything that passed was a blur and the speed made their eyes tear up when they tried to look ahead, so they worked on untangling themselves from the straps that secured them to the bats. Though they had just come from the coast and it would be another hour until their destination, the movement helped return feeling to their constricted limbs. Even the bats seemed impatient to land, though they would most likely continue until they reached a bat nest farther north. The Badlands was not a favored climate for bats and, after the trauma they had experienced in Stonard, they would probably want to nest with their own kind for a while. Zug really couldn’t blame them.


Aug 3

Chapter 10 – Confection Affection

Night had finally settled completely over the land, meaning the fire in Stonard was finally out. Arachne did not care about the calamity either way; the darkness simply pleased her.

She was riding hard through the swamp, heading away from the military outpost. The usual sounds of travel were muffled by the soft mud and she bent over her horse’s neck to avoid low hanging branches. Though she urged her demonic mount onward, it was not with a sense of urgency or panic, but one of steadfastness – her tasks would always be accomplished as long as she was diligent.

Earlier that evening, Caulbraen had sent her to find their missing companions and retrieve them. Locating them had been the easy part. Most of the missing party had indeed reached Stonard as they had intended, but never made it inside. Emberchill had been taken captive by a group who had set fire to the Stonard Inn and Sabe and Arcadi, in no condition to attempt a rescue, were, in fact, attempting a rescue. The only one missing was Thundrax, but she simply could not be bothered with him now; a new group had appeared and were pursuing Sabe and Arcadi. She did not know who this new group was, but found it curious that all of them were trolls. Though one of them was a hunter, they left a trail even a warlock could follow. Each group was unknowingly being pursued by another, and Arachne was playing the predator sneaking up on the rear.

As soon as they were away from Stonard, they had avoided the main road and cut west through the swamp. Despite the wild terrain, they were making good time. When the deep and clear imprints of domesticated mounts crossed the road that led south, she knew they would be heading to Deadwind Pass. Eventually the procession turned northwest, back toward the road, as if they intended to circle around by the old wooden bridge. She continued to follow, making sure to keep her unflagging demonic mount from gaining ground.

When she finally reached the road, she was treated to a surprise: The old bridge was no longer there. Debris had been scattered everywhere as if the Old Gods had struck the land in their wrath, trees were unearthed and scorched and large craters were embedded in the terrain. Native lifeforms of the swamp had been sacrificed in the assault and their innocent corpses littered the scape.

It was beautiful work. Unfortunately, Arachne had no time to admire the artistry. (more…)

Jun 23

Kara is going well, depending on your definition of “well”

 I can’t figure out a way to make this embed (there’s a link that says “embed” but it doesn’t work) so I have to use a hack. Click the link to see the latest LoO update – it will pop to a new window.


Jun 13

Tonight’s Menu: Humiliation

I have so many screenshots that I don’t know where to start. In fact, I started three different posts and none of them made me happy. I guess the third time isn’t a charm! Stupid math! Math is hard! And I’m not the only one having problems.


The latest raid schedule is up and posted in the Member Forum. It is my regret that, out of a seven-day week, there are four nights of scheduled raids – but since nothing is mandatory, there is plenty of time for everyone to pick and choose what they would like to do. If you don’t want to go anywhere for whatever reason, then it’s no big deal. Remember, it’s your playtime and we respect that. Mostly.


A lot of us are working on honor grinding and some are leveling twinks. For those individuals who have been helping out with twink instance runs, thank you so much.

Of course, some of us are better at it than others.




And not just once, but twice.



If you have a twink that needs an invitation, don’t be shy in asking. We usually allow those in with little trouble.

Usually. If I suspect you’re Biggerbeef, you’re going to have a small task in order to get in.


Come on! It’s not like I ask for a lot.


FAIL! I invited him anyway though, because he threatened to autofollow me. Like he doesn’t do that anyway.

Anyway, if any of those non-raiding type options don’t strike your fancy, you can always work on your tradeskills. That’s what Biggerbeef does when he’s not getting smacked on the head by bosses. It’s soothing.


I experienced his skill ups first hand. He’s kind of like that favorite pet who kills rodents and birds and leaves them on your doorstep. But hey, at least I can say this about our newest tank: He knows how to use the mailbox a lot better than Zug.



And that was just the first four pages.


Retribution followed shortly after. I have connections.


Of course I paid! Only the best for you, BB, because I’m such a good friend. But what do you know? Arcadi gave me a freebie!



Every LoO raid has received a slight overhaul in some regard. Wednesday Night Fites have been set to “kill”, with more challenging targets. Kara raids have continued with great success, many badges, and upgrades for all. As you’ve already read, we’re taking away the “imposed stop time” and we’re going to play every night by ear. Most of us have done enough online gaming to know that raiding is a commitment – not just to an instance, but to each other. It’s a social thing. Shadow said it best on the forums: We don’t really like to have rules, but when we have so many people involved in an event, we have to at least have a loose set of guidelines so we don’t step on each other’s toes. To be honest, we really only have the rule for one reason only. Since I’m such a nice person, I’d never point this reason out.

I don’t have to. They do it for me.


At any rate, we’re doing amazingly well on every raiding front. We’re having a fun time getting badges and upgrades – just remember it’s a game and we shouldn’t try delving into deeper meanings.



We’re continuing to face new challenges and learning to die in new and unspeakable ways. My therapy bill is in the mail.



No need to thank me for that visual. Hot pokers for eye gouging will be going on sale at the end of this post. Act now and get a set of matching egg cups for only $19.99!

We’ve also brought back the guild PvP Night. Because we’ve cleared the weekend for Kara, we’re moving this to Thursday. There’s not a whole lot to say about the PvP nights that you don’t already know. We get into groups and head into a bg together. Your behavior in the guild PvP group should be the same respectful behavior you exercise alone in the battleground.

Please be advised that someone is going to need a cave or bush for Lunachik. Or maybe he can hide behind a fat tauren who he can autofollow. Something tells me BB isn’t going to volunteer for the job.


At first I thought this was a joke.


Every time I read the above screenshot, my reaction is always the same: “WTF? You what?”


At this point, I was still in disbelief that we actually have a battleground afker in our guild. I wasn’t really sure how to react, to be quite honest! I was stunned, and not in a good way.


But alas, it’s true. We have a battleground afker, people.


The only way I know how to deal with it is screenshot the hell out of it and allow everyone else to have a good laugh about it too. I guarantee this will not be the last time you see this on the front page.


Apparently pretty well, because he was in AV and he never responded, even though I kept talking to him for the next few minutes.

But he’s not the only one at fault in the battlegrounds. You know what I’m talking about:

The Last Days of Urassmyfoot


I guarantee it had little to do with his offensive name. Let me say this: If you’ve known for a while now that someone is going to eventually petition your name, calling the battlegroup nasty names isn’t going to keep you under the radar.


Yeah. This is what NOT to do in the battleground while you wear the LoO tag next to your name.



I’m not a huge fan of that word (go figure) so I probably would have lodged a complaint as well, if I hadn’t been so busy trying to defend something.


That’s all? I figured it would have been for the other thing he said. But whatever.


I screenshotted this dude’s server, but I can’t find it now. Anyway, a couple of days later, Zug logged in and was immediately taken to a screen that politely informed him of his offensive character name, and a text window allowed him to select a new name.

So hey, why not go with a name that had previously been petitioned on another character? It’s the smart thing to do! The only reason I don’t mind it is because of the great acronym.


Fitting. Nice. I like it.

And now for your moment of Zug.


May 29

Canadian Invasion vs. LoO Nerdery – Who Will Prevail?

The last time we checked in on the front page, we had decided to head back over to the Alliance side on Wednesday nights. It was fun for a while.


And that pretty much ended our stint on Alliance.

Back on the Horde, we welcomed aboard a lot of Soul’s friends and coworkers who seemed to be worn out from their pvp server. We need an org chart. I can’t keep everyone straight.


New recruits were pouring in with mentions that there were even more who were interested. We were excited for some fresh blood and were willing to welcome everyone in with open arms. LoO does not discriminate against race, gender, or sexual orientation.


Then we were outnumbered. For a few LoOnies, the novelty of being on voice chat with our new members has not yet worn off.


Before we started to gel, social gatherings were awkward, so we’ve been putting a lot of our focus on forming a sense of community. I don’t think it’s so much the new members as it is the old timers.


But it’s going well overall. Raid format has not changed much – 10man raids will continue on the weekends with 5-man groups on weeknights. Please be advised that use of the forums will be enforced.


If anyone wants to participate in groups and raids, they must sign up. Groups are scheduled in advance for convenience. If you don’t sign up on the boards, you won’t get to go. Period. I don’t care if it’s a freaking panty raid – you won’t get to go. (Okay, if it’s a Tom Cruise panty raid, we’ll let Matelda go without signing up. But that’s the only exception.)


For everyone else, if you want groups on the weeknights, sign up.

There are groups scheduled nearly every night of the week and, even though people sign up as “alt”, the same 6 – 7 people are attending the heroics, faction grinds and quest completions. To make things more frustrating, different individuals log in at the last minute and ask if they need anyone else for a scheduled group. If you want to go anywhere, check the boards and sign up. Last time: If you don’t sign up for a group, you won’t get to go. Period.

As was already shared on the forums, we’re still taking heroics very seriously. Those will continue to be a part of our weeknight repertoire and are sponsored by Thundrax. He’s hardcore.


There are still a small handful of heroics out there that we haven’t finished yet and I would like to wipe them off of the list. We have only attempted Heroic Shattered Balls once and, although we didn’t finish, we got pretty damn far considering we only had rogue cc — that was damn fine work and we should go back soon. That heroic is a bitch and a half, and I think most of us would like to have it on the borken list. It was a scarring experience and I think the best way to get over it is to discuss what happened.

No, not the tactics — the conversation.


I don’t even know how it started. Things were happening so fast and there was so much going on – I looked at the chat bar and Matelda had set his phaser to crazy. I couldn’t even screenshot the whole thing because it was happening so fast.


The sad part is, all I can think at this point is: With a surfboard? I don’t think that’s physically possible. I guess that’s the point.

Anyway, I missed something in the middle, because this was the next thing I was able to capture:


What is the prime directive, anyway?


You’d think it would stop here. But it didn’t – things were just getting warmed up.


Why do we know how a star destroyer was built? Anyway, leave it to Zug to make it worse. The funny part about it is that he hates both Star Trek and Star Wars, and is only participating in the conversation to agitate the nerds further.


And he won’t stop until people are frothing at the mouth.


And just when we thought everyone had gotten over it…


Then Soul logs in.


He doesn’t help the situation any, but knows enough to keep his tires from being slashed by a rabid Trekkie.


I guess it was only a matter of time before we devolved into the sci fi sex0r — but it bounced right back into the nerdery.



I’m still wondering how we made it through the zone as far as we did with all this going on. In fact, the instance probably didn’t suck as much as we thought – it was probably the conversation that was killing us.

star-wars-vs-star-trek-14.jpg star-wars-vs-star-trek-15.jpg

I can’t read any more of this. Moving on.

Thanks to the skills and numbers of the new LoOnies and the efforts of the old LoOnies, we have been able to go back to Kara — and we’re rocking it. Shadow has been gracious enough to lead our raids and, after the first event, the motion to make him a Raid Leader was sent to the floor. I didn’t see the point.


As far as I was concerned, we had a team of top notch gamers, specialized and ready to take on anything! We’ve been around, man. We know shit, too!


Or maybe that’s just Thundrax who knows stuff. At any rate, I agreed. With the unanimous vote secured, Koryn went ahead and promoted him.


We’re taking a break from pvp. I know we said it’s because we’re using Sunday nights to finish Kara, but the real reason is we’re all feeling a bit inadequate next to Kalenedral’s mace.


I’ve been trying to at least fit the PvP Faily in, so if anyone wants to join me, let me know. (I’m not an expert at pvp, but I’m quite hopeful that I won’t embarrass anyone.) Eventually I’d like to put pvp back on the schedule for a one night per week event, but there’s so much going on right now that it would clutter up things. For now let’s just play it by ear.

And now, for your moment of Zug.


Because my last post had a duplicate screenshot, here’s a bonus moment of Zug, courtesy of BB:


May 1

[LoO] 5/4 Sunday Night Rickroll: Valley of Fail

This week, my brochure was a little too big to fit on the forums.