May 29th, 2008

Canadian Invasion vs. LoO Nerdery – Who Will Prevail?

The last time we checked in on the front page, we had decided to head back over to the Alliance side on Wednesday nights. It was fun for a while.


And that pretty much ended our stint on Alliance.

Back on the Horde, we welcomed aboard a lot of Soul’s friends and coworkers who seemed to be worn out from their pvp server. We need an org chart. I can’t keep everyone straight.


New recruits were pouring in with mentions that there were even more who were interested. We were excited for some fresh blood and were willing to welcome everyone in with open arms. LoO does not discriminate against race, gender, or sexual orientation.


Then we were outnumbered. For a few LoOnies, the novelty of being on voice chat with our new members has not yet worn off.


Before we started to gel, social gatherings were awkward, so we’ve been putting a lot of our focus on forming a sense of community. I don’t think it’s so much the new members as it is the old timers.


But it’s going well overall. Raid format has not changed much – 10man raids will continue on the weekends with 5-man groups on weeknights. Please be advised that use of the forums will be enforced.


If anyone wants to participate in groups and raids, they must sign up. Groups are scheduled in advance for convenience. If you don’t sign up on the boards, you won’t get to go. Period. I don’t care if it’s a freaking panty raid – you won’t get to go. (Okay, if it’s a Tom Cruise panty raid, we’ll let Matelda go without signing up. But that’s the only exception.)


For everyone else, if you want groups on the weeknights, sign up.

There are groups scheduled nearly every night of the week and, even though people sign up as “alt”, the same 6 – 7 people are attending the heroics, faction grinds and quest completions. To make things more frustrating, different individuals log in at the last minute and ask if they need anyone else for a scheduled group. If you want to go anywhere, check the boards and sign up. Last time: If you don’t sign up for a group, you won’t get to go. Period.

As was already shared on the forums, we’re still taking heroics very seriously. Those will continue to be a part of our weeknight repertoire and are sponsored by Thundrax. He’s hardcore.


There are still a small handful of heroics out there that we haven’t finished yet and I would like to wipe them off of the list. We have only attempted Heroic Shattered Balls once and, although we didn’t finish, we got pretty damn far considering we only had rogue cc — that was damn fine work and we should go back soon. That heroic is a bitch and a half, and I think most of us would like to have it on the borken list. It was a scarring experience and I think the best way to get over it is to discuss what happened.

No, not the tactics — the conversation.


I don’t even know how it started. Things were happening so fast and there was so much going on – I looked at the chat bar and Matelda had set his phaser to crazy. I couldn’t even screenshot the whole thing because it was happening so fast.


The sad part is, all I can think at this point is: With a surfboard? I don’t think that’s physically possible. I guess that’s the point.

Anyway, I missed something in the middle, because this was the next thing I was able to capture:


What is the prime directive, anyway?


You’d think it would stop here. But it didn’t – things were just getting warmed up.


Why do we know how a star destroyer was built? Anyway, leave it to Zug to make it worse. The funny part about it is that he hates both Star Trek and Star Wars, and is only participating in the conversation to agitate the nerds further.


And he won’t stop until people are frothing at the mouth.


And just when we thought everyone had gotten over it…


Then Soul logs in.


He doesn’t help the situation any, but knows enough to keep his tires from being slashed by a rabid Trekkie.


I guess it was only a matter of time before we devolved into the sci fi sex0r — but it bounced right back into the nerdery.



I’m still wondering how we made it through the zone as far as we did with all this going on. In fact, the instance probably didn’t suck as much as we thought – it was probably the conversation that was killing us.

star-wars-vs-star-trek-14.jpg star-wars-vs-star-trek-15.jpg

I can’t read any more of this. Moving on.

Thanks to the skills and numbers of the new LoOnies and the efforts of the old LoOnies, we have been able to go back to Kara — and we’re rocking it. Shadow has been gracious enough to lead our raids and, after the first event, the motion to make him a Raid Leader was sent to the floor. I didn’t see the point.


As far as I was concerned, we had a team of top notch gamers, specialized and ready to take on anything! We’ve been around, man. We know shit, too!


Or maybe that’s just Thundrax who knows stuff. At any rate, I agreed. With the unanimous vote secured, Koryn went ahead and promoted him.


We’re taking a break from pvp. I know we said it’s because we’re using Sunday nights to finish Kara, but the real reason is we’re all feeling a bit inadequate next to Kalenedral’s mace.


I’ve been trying to at least fit the PvP Faily in, so if anyone wants to join me, let me know. (I’m not an expert at pvp, but I’m quite hopeful that I won’t embarrass anyone.) Eventually I’d like to put pvp back on the schedule for a one night per week event, but there’s so much going on right now that it would clutter up things. For now let’s just play it by ear.

And now, for your moment of Zug.


Because my last post had a duplicate screenshot, here’s a bonus moment of Zug, courtesy of BB:


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